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CRN Fast Facts

The Country Regional Network (CRN) comprises operational freight and passenger rail lines and non-operational rail lines across NSW. 

Here are just a few facts about the Country Regional Network that you may find of interest.

Operational lines – passenger and freight:

2,386 kilometres

Non-operational lines:

3,139 kilometres

Number of level crossings:

1312 (300 active)

Number of boundary interfaces


Number of operator interfaces:

2  (ARTC and RailCorp)

Number of major closedowns each year:  


Number of train control boards in operation:

3 on day shift; 2 on all other shifts

Listings of the CRN operational lines and the CRN non-operational lines are available on the Country Rail Contracts website.


If you have a fact that you would like to know about the CRN, contact us and we will do our best to add it to our list.

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  Fact Sheet - Fencing on the CRN    Download
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  Fact Sheet - Vegetation Management on the CRN  Download
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